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Why We Fly by Forge Flightworks is a General Aviation podcast sharing pilot stories that illustrate the reasons behind why we choose to fly airplanes. We hope to share the adventure, excitement, and incredible experiences of flying.  By sharing our passion for flight, we aim to entertain pilots and encourage them to stay engaged with aviation.  But just as important, we endeavor to inspire potential pilots to learn more about flying and hopefully become pilots themselves.  

With that in mind, we encourage everyone to share some episodes of the podcast with potential pilots in your lives.  Find a friend, family member, colleague, etc. who may not know much about flying but would enjoy hearing the stories behind Why We Fly.  You can play a vital role in growing General Aviation and creating a future pilot.

Almost anyone can fly. We are here to share the Why.


Forge Flightworks, formerly known as Carpenter Avionics, the largest avionics service center in the MidSouth, is an award-winning FAA Authorized Repair Station that sells, installs, maintains and repairs avionics, aircraft interiors and airframe systems for business jets, turboprops, piston engine airplanes and helicopters of all ages. We offer a complete product line-up authorized by every major brand. We are exceptionally capable. We have an unwavering, high-integrity commitment to customer satisfaction.


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Thank you very much for listening & supporting the podcast and General Aviation!

Mike Harris

Why We Fly - Chief Pilot & Host

Forge Flightworks - Sales / Solutions

Dec 14, 2017

Interview with my friend Carl Valeri - airline pilot, flight coach, and aviation podcast host. Carl is super involved in aviation and has some great stories and experiences to share.

A couple of Carl's aviation projects:

Aviation Careers Podcast

StuckMic Avcast


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Nov 10, 2017

Interview with Ken VeArd with Pilot Partner. We discuss the pilot lifestyle, his Bonanza flying, flying clubs, and his electronic logbook Pilot Partner.


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Oct 18, 2017

My buddy Paul made his way back to flying after a long hiatus. Since returning to flying he has expanded his experience flying gliders and tailwheel, doing an incredible cross country, and now owning an airplane!


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Oct 8, 2017

Talking with my buddy Derek Rowe who is an Aviation teacher in a local high school. That's right - Aviation as a high school subject! We discuss what Derek's students are learning about aviation, how they are earning college credits towards an aviation / aerospace degree, and what they are learning building an airplane....

Sep 16, 2017

Interview with Major General Carl Schneider, USAF (Retired) and author of "Jet Pioneer: A Fighter Pilot's Memoir."


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