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Why We Fly is a General Aviation podcast sharing pilot stories that illustrate the reasons behind why we choose to fly airplanes. We hope to share the adventure, excitement, and incredible experiences of flying.  By sharing our passion for flight, we aim to entertain pilots and encourage them to stay engaged with aviation.  But just as important, we endeavor to inspire potential pilots to learn more about flying and hopefully become pilots themselves.  

With that in mind, we encourage everyone to share some episodes of the podcast with potential pilots in your lives.  Find a friend, family member, colleague, etc. who may not know much about flying but would enjoy hearing the stories behind Why We Fly.  You can play a vital role in growing General Aviation and creating a future pilot.

Almost anyone can fly. We are here to share the Why.


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Mike Harris

Chief Pilot & Host

Jan 19, 2019

Interview with local Tennessee pilots Cannon & Dustin.  They met at an AOPA Rusty Pilots seminar and in a short time became very active pilots with very entertaining stories and perspectives to share.


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Dec 5, 2018

Interview with Vicky who had a non-flying Air Force career which led her to discover a passion for flying. Now she is an Instrument Rated Private Pilot and Cessna 172 owner with plenty of exciting aviation plans for the future!


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Oct 13, 2018

Interview with Dan Wells of Leonardo Helicopters.  Dan is a test pilot on the AW609 project, which aims to achieve FAA certification in 2019 as the first ever civilian tiltrotor aircraft.  Dan was recently named a Fellow with the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, and has some fascinating experiences to share about...

Sep 23, 2018

Interview with Allyssa VanMeter, a fairly new pilot and airplane owner.  Allyssa has a ton of passion for flying, and has already had some great experiences including flying her newly purchased plane to Oshkosh and flying in Alaska.


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Sep 11, 2018

Interview with Sean Chuplis, a very active pilot with military, airlines, and General Aviation background.  We talk about his flying including some very interesting stories about flying in Hawaii, as well as his company Crewdog Electronics which makes an inexpensive Stratux ADS-B In kit for traffic, weather, GPS,...