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Why We Fly is a General Aviation podcast sharing pilot stories that illustrate the reasons behind why we choose to fly airplanes. We hope to share the adventure, excitement, and incredible experiences of flying.  By sharing our passion for flight, we aim to entertain pilots and encourage them to stay engaged with aviation.  But just as important, we endeavor to inspire potential pilots to learn more about flying and hopefully become pilots themselves.  

With that in mind, we encourage everyone to share some episodes of the podcast with potential pilots in your lives.  Find a friend, family member, colleague, etc. who may not know much about flying but would enjoy hearing the stories behind Why We Fly.  You can play a vital role in growing General Aviation and creating a future pilot.

Almost anyone can fly. We are here to share the Why.


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Mike Harris

Chief Pilot & Host

Jun 28, 2017

Interview with John "Lites" Leenhouts, President & CEO of Sun 'n Fun.  Lites has an incredible aviation background and is leading Sun 'n Fun into a new era for the event itself and their mission of enhancing the future of aviation by educating & inspiring. 


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Jun 17, 2017

An exciting announcement from podcast sponsor Nashville Flight Training, then a discussion about the Air Race Classic with the Dakota Fly Girls, pilots Ramona Banks & Corbi Bulluck.


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Nashville Flight Training

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Jun 10, 2017

We recently took a family vacation trip to the beach in my Piper Tri Pacer.  It was a GREAT trip and a story I hope you will enjoy!


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